Duces Wild for Tanner Aus in Bareback Riding, Las Vegas

Cowboys compete for $10 million dollar jackpot in Las Vegas Dec. 1-10 Duces Wild for Tanner Aus in Bareback Riding, Las Vegas                                                   LAS VEGAS, Nevada (December 2, 2022) –   Three Minnesota…

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Bucking horse named after Hawley, Minnesota travels the country

While the winter winds howl during February in Hawley, Minn. and residents shovel snow; the bucking horse named Hawley Falls is enjoying southern temperatures.  The past five years Hawley Falls has competed near Atlanta, Georgia. Barnes PRCA Rodeo named a gelding Hawley Falls after Hawley, Minn.  Marty Barnes the stock contractor recalls naming the bucking horse. …

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Hawley Rodeo celebrates 60 years in northern Minnesota

Trick Riding is coming to the Hawley Rodeo, June 7-8 Dusta Lee Kimzey thrills audiences with gymnastics on horseback Rodeo Clown Scot Allerding, featured at 60th Hawley Rodeo Omaha, Neb. (April 20, 2019) – This rodeo season Barnes PRCA Rodeo continues to hire the very best specialty acts for the 60th American Heroes PRCA Rodeo…

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